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Digital, Digital, Digital...

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We are here to support people with their digital goals and do our part to alleviate digital exclusion.

We focus on:

  • Adapting to what people know and need 
  • Establishing the gaps in knowledge that hold them back
  • Providing guidance to build their understanding and skills
  • Accessibility throughout

How we help

We provide training courses to suit organisations focusing on their beneficiaries.

Our training can be fully tailored, ranging from helping someone learn how to use their device or gain digital confidence to building skills for work.

We offer volunteer and employee training to promote better engagement for people needing technology support.

Our offer includes:

  • Workshops focusing on employability, information and guidance
  • ‘Techy Time’ workshops where people can be social, chat and work through their challenges.
  • Mapping an area with volunteers, staff and beneficiaries, creating useful local connections

To find out more, browse through our pages below or get in touch.


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