Community Tech Help Desk

Regular drop-in surgeries: in person or on the phone and via online chat.

A lot of people just want a little assistance. They need someone with some ‘digital know how’ to help out with a task or something that’s a pain to them.

‘Where does IT hurt?’ is the help desk’s approach.

Our Community Tech help desk approach offers a great starting space for digital guides learning to help and offer the service in person or via phone and zoom chats, depending on what works for your organisation. A great way for people with some technology skills to feel useful, and we also encourage people with great social skills to be ‘meeters and greeters’.

The helpdesk provides direct support, but also provokes wider conversations with people who already know how to do their own tech support, with their friends and family. It encourages people to open up, state their needs and ask for assistance.

To find out more, get in touch.

a group of people around a table, an elderly gentleman is looking into the camera
Happy participants at an IT Help Desk session

Have a look at the Technology box, a repurposed First aid box to triage a person needing help: